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June 16 2014


Becoming a Flight Attendant

Most of us probably think that flight attendants lead a glamorous career. Yes, they do but it's more than that. They actually play a very important role in air travel. They are not only elegant and amiable but they have the commitment to serve passengers and let them feel comfortable and safe at all times. They are more than their physical attributes because they are witty, elegant, and accommodating.


If you are interested to join the roster of those young ladies, a lot of opportunities are in store for you. Aside from getting a chance to be globe trotter, you can experience different sights, smells, and tastes that any country out there can offer. It’s also best if you read http://travel.cnn.com/tags/flight-attendants. Preparing for a career as a flight attendant also needs a tough decision because you need to be independent considering the possibility of being away from home during long trips. Flight attendants have that sense of self-sacrifice because no matter how long you have stayed in the air, you should always exude a happy disposition to uplift the spirit of those who feel anxious and uncomfortable.


You should of course know the qualifications for the job and for the training to be a flight attendant. Most airlines prefer applicants who are tall enough to reach the overhead bins. If you are very tall, most likely, you have a slim chance because your head might hit the ceiling of the plane. Your height should be in proportion to your weight. Some airlines prefer applicants with experience in customer service because it will definitely help her in her interaction with the passengers. Although not all airlines require this, but it can be an edge to the applicant.


Aside from obtaining a college degree which is one of the requirements to be a flight attendant, you have an edge if you can speak at least three foreign languages like Spanish, French or Japanese. Polyglots have a big chance to be hired because passengers will feel more comfortable and if flight attendants converse with them in their native tongue.


Most airlines find it appealing to hire hopefuls who have a degree in nursing, paramedics or even police work! Male applicants who are equally qualified are given a chance. If you are that determined to pursue this type of career, submit an impressive application emphasizing customer service experience. While waiting for the chance to be interviewed, know important facts about the airline and what makes it unique.


Prepare for the possible questions during the interview and recall a scenario  where you were given  a chance to be somebody who was able to pacify people during a stressful situation.


First impression lasts, so dress up appropriately during the interview. Be candid and always exude that aura of cool-headedness and patience. Show confidence but not arrogance and keep calm because jitters might fail you.


Flight Attendants: A Dream to Come True

When you were a kid, you were a dreamer. One of the things that you would like to try is to become a flight attendant. It is so exciting to become one because you know that you will be riding an airplane. You will be meeting a lot of people and assisting the pilots is one thing that you would like to achieve. It is just important to acquire important skills in becoming a flight attendant so that it will become totally a reality. You will never have problems should you be open to what are required.


How do you become a flight attendant? The first thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that you will be given an authority to provide services to all your flight passengers. You should be sure that safety and security rules are strictly followed so that you will never encounter plane commotions later on. Some of your passengers do not want to encounter stress so it is important that you decide to make them settled for harmony sake.


You will be briefed by the pilot about preliminary precautions which is a must have flight attendant requirements. Those things shall also be told to the passengers during the time that the plane starts to take off. Among the things that you will introduce to your clients are basic evacuation methods. You also need to tell them the flight length because some of them have business transactions and they want to know when they can possibly meet their clients.


Since emergency conditions may happen any time, it is important to have an access to first aid kits and tools. When somebody gets injured in the flight, you can never just rush to the hospital because you do not have a hospital above the clouds. You can only serve him better by means of first aid.


Before boarding, you should be sure that you are properly dressed. You also need to exude confidence when speaking to the people getting inside the plane. If you find out that there are some elderly and handicapped, help them well. Check the tickets and assist them to keep their carry-on luggage.


Inform the passengers to always buckle their seat-belts. All carry-on items must be placed on the cabin to avoid way interruptions. Read on from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/flight-attendants/.


You should also ensure that there are enough foods and beverages. Your passengers would like to eat and it is important for them to be given the right amounts of foods that they like to order. Think about it.


Flight Attendants: Learning How to Become One

When you were still a kid, you could still vividly recall the kind of job that you wished to do in the future. You have said that you want to become a flight attendant because you wanted to explore the clouds. However, you do not have something to do with the clouds as it is not the clouds which you would be giving service. You have passengers in the aircraft and you need to give them proper care. As a flight attendant, it is important for you to know all the skills that are required to be of service to the people.


There are certain job descriptions that will make you recognized being a flight attendant from http://www.careerflightpath.com/how-to-become-a-flight-attendant/. This article will help you know each of them.


The first thing that you have to keep in mind is the fact that you have the role to ensure safety during the air travel. You have to remind your passengers to follow safety precautions so that you can do away with commotions and stress. You have to inform them of methods in evacuation once problems in the aircraft become inevitable. If there are other concerns like a woman who is about to give birth and a vomiting child, then, you must know how to handle them. You need to be sure that all first aid kits are kept on the cabins that are accessible to you. The first aid equipment must also be there, too.


Before you take off, it is important to give the passengers welcoming smile. They will love to board a flight with you if you know how to deal with them. Remember that smile brings magic and anyone who sees it will also feel delighted throughout the day. You can see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_attendant as a good resource page. Check the plane tickets and tell the passengers that they should store their carry-on luggage properly. Inform them to buckle the seatbelts always. You are also bound to help disabled people and the elderly.


As a flight attendant, it is important to develop sense of flexibility. You are sometimes called to board a flight during weekends and holidays. You are even to assist on international flights. Since you are always away from your home, you should learn how to adjust. Take all flight attendant training so that you will be very qualified. Get all educational requirements and licenses. Most importantly, you should be balanced and resourceful especially during stressful situations. Know how to communicate properly and you will never fail.

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